Restore :: Refresh :: Renew
Restorative Yoga + Mindfulness + Pranayama

A complete experience designed as a mini-retreat to restore your body, refresh your mind, & renew your spirit

10:00 – 11:30 am
Sunday March 29
Sunday April 30

150 pesos
Space limited, reserve in advance



Past Events

Elements of Practice :: Immersions into the Art of Yoga

Align :: January 24

an exploration of the body  ::  an interactive investigation of fundamental alignment in key yoga poses to support the body, open the breath, awaken internal awareness, and find freedom in form

Nourish :: February 14

a retreat into the heart  ::  a deeply regenerative engagement with yourself incorporating light movement, restorative poses, breath, and meditation to enliven your heart and soothe your spirit

Refine :: February 28

a further exploration of the body  ::  move beyond the basics to refine awareness through alignment and breath, cultivating a sustainable approach to continued and regular practice

Deepen :: March 14

a journey into the being  ::  a tangible tour of the koshas (layers) – physical, energetic, mental, intellectual, and divine – to connect more fully internally and engage more authentically externally

Saturday Class – 10:00-11:30 am
Workshop – 12:00-2:00 pm

Attend both for a mini-immersion.
Each class will complement the accompanying workshop to create
a full experience but is not required to attend the workshop.

Class + Workshop:
350 pesos with El Estar membership
400 pesos without membership
Workshop only:    300 pesos
All 4 Class + Workshop:
1200 pesos with membership
1400 pesos without membership
All 4 Workshop only:    1000 pesos