Support for your wellbeing

We all want to live our best lives, feel vibrant and strong, acting with mental clarity and compassionate hearts, but sometimes, life seems to get in the way. However, life will do what it does, and it’s up to each of us to find the ways we can live with greatest ease.

As a yoga teacher, I’m often asked for advice in the areas of health and wellbeing, so after seeing the need and the benefits to those I helped informally, I began to provide a more structured way to offer support to others. I’ve also seen the benefit for myself when I’ve sought out advice and assistance over the years that has been invaluable to my health, personal growth, and wellbeing. I take the approach that we all inherently know what most nourishes us, and sometimes we need a guide to help uncover our inner wisdom of how best to take care of ourselves so that we can live optimally.

Creating, cultivating, and maintaining healthy habits, practices, and rituals, is the best way to fully reinforce your wellbeing. And for each us, it’s important to find the right combination of practices that will be most supportive through the seasons of the year and the stages of our lives, recognizing that these may need to change over time or be modified at specific intervals. We are each unique beings and it’s imperative that we find what works best for us, in a sustainable way within the framework of our lives.

Working together, we’ll identify and create habits, rituals, and practices, that become an integrated part of your daily life. I combine my more that 25 years of accumulated knowledge from wisdom traditions as well as modern techniques and teachings to offer simple yet sustainable steps one can take to come into wholeness, in body, mind, heart, and life. Together, we combine the right ingredients and design a plan of action. Every step of the way, I provide uplifting support and gentle motivation.

• Yoga
• Meditation
• Breathing techniques
• Mindfulness
• Energy medicine
• Eating habits
• Sleep patterns
• Daily routines
• Mantra
• Rituals and altars
• Creating sacred space

For best results, I encourage 3-5 sessions minimum, with options for additional or on-going support. We can meet in person in San Miguel or by live video from wherever you are. Pricing varies depending on location, number of sessions, and combination of services. Get in touch and we can see if this is a good fit for you.

Contact me to begin your path to wellbeing: