Private Yoga in Punta Mita & San PanchoSpecializing in individual and small group instruction

Private sessions are designed specifically to meet your needs. You will be guided through a well-rounded program that most efficiently and effectively supports you in your practice, whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner. By working one-on-one or in a small group, we can tailor the experience to best support you and your development.

Vinyasa Flow
A stronger, dynamic practice linking breath with movement, exploring more challenging asanas while refining alignment & breath
Hatha Flow
A moderate-paced practice with an emphasis on alignment, breath, & internal awareness to rejuvenate your entire system and reconnect to spirit
Gentle Yoga
An easeful practice to increase mobility, strength, and balance, with gentle movement, breath, therapeutics, & restorative poses
Restorative Yoga
A subtle yet profound experience of relaxation where the body is placed in comfortable positions, supported by blankets and cushions, for sustained periods of time to release stress and allow the nervous system to come back into balance
Guided sessions and/or instruction on beginning or deepening a meditation practice

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“I’ve been wanting to tell you how much I am enjoying my personal yoga routine. Nothing can replace a class with you, however I am so pleased with how thorough the routine is and how available it is to me now. I really, truly love it and believe that it will make a big difference to my continued health and wellness. Mary, you are a very special person that is able to give so much of yourself and so consistently. I can hear your voice while I am practicing and it brings me a lot of joy and peace.” A.M.H

“Thank you for leading us every morning while we were on retreat. Your presence was bright and light and everything we needed.” L.K.

“Through your careful guidance, I have discovered what yoga is truly about!” J.R.