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Sacred Pause

Slowing down. Taking time out. Pausing. In a world of rushing around, constant busyness, and endless doing, it can be a radical act to just be. Your friends may wonder what’s wrong with you. Your mind may tell you to get off your ass. But at what expense are we doing without moments of being? In the course of a day, a year, or a season of your life, are you taking time to stop and notice where you are in this moment?

Present Moment

Have you ever found yourself lost in thought during yoga class? Don’t worry, you’re not a bad yogi and you’re definitely not alone! For the most part, we spend much of our waking hours absorbed in thoughts about anything other than what we’re doing in that moment, including during yoga class. Although, the practice of yoga is meant to bring us into the present moment, and usually does, we are human, after all, with minds that like to wander.